Website Maintenance

Let us take care of the day-to-day management of your website's data and files.
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4 Reasons to Choose Our Website Maintenance Services


Updates & Patches

We'll keep on top of the essential updates to your website's core files and plugins to ensure it's always secure from online threats.

Offline Backups

We'll not only ensure that your site is backed up daily to our servers but that additional backups are stored offline for maximum confidence.


Let us take care of the inevitable troubleshooting that comes with running a website so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Minor Content Edits

We include a fixed number of hours for small tweaks and changes to your content which is essential to improve visibility in search rankings.

How will we maintain your website?

Once your website is up and running the work doesn't stop there with ongoing maintenance needed to keep it safe, secure and relevant. If you don't have the time or technical skills to take care of this we can offer a maintenance package to meet your needs.

If you're on a Pay Monthly plan then your ongoing website maintenance is included in the price. If you opt to Pay Upfront you're free to make alternative arrangements for website maintenance but we can offer this service for a very competitive £25 a month!

The essential maintenance of your website can be described in terms of the broad categories of security, backups and content amendments.

Security is of paramount importance to your website with hackers always finding new ways to exploit software vulnerabilities or hack personal details. Ensuring your website's core files and plugins are regularly patched and updated is key to website maintenance.


In the event of a successful hack or software fault we'll ensure your website is not only backed up to our servers daily (and 30 instances kept) but also that your files and database are routinely backed up to offline storage. Belt and braces!

Content amendments

As part of our website maintenance package we typically include a fixed number of hours per month to be used for small tweaks and changes to your content. This means that any minor changes to your website or software won't incur any additional charges and will be covered as part of your plan. This not only ensures your site's content is kept up-to-date but it also ticks another box with Google which always prioritises sites with fresh content.

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